Atomic Beam Glove



GLOVES WITH LIGHTS: Atomic Beam Glove puts 2 powerful flashlights in the palm of your hand, making them the perfect lighting gloves, LED finger gloves, LED cycling gloves, and fingerless fishing gloves.

UNISEX: Atomic Beam Glove has an ambidextrous design so it fits on both the left and right hand, and the unisex design is gender neutral, so you can shine the glove's LED light where and when you need it

LED LIGHT: Get the hand flashlight with ultra-bright LED lights. Atomic Beam Glove is built atomic tough making it an excellent mechanic work light.

ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable strap provides a secure fit and the breathable, soft fabric propels this product into the cool gadgets for everyday use category!

Includes 1 Atomic Beam Glove (not a pair). 2 AAA batteries NOT included.