Baby Car Seat


  • Ideally for child age 1-5 years old
  • Multi-function: The car cushion can double as child seat. The car cushion can be fastened to chairs with backrest and be used as a baby chair
  • Highly portable and does not take up storage space
  • Easy installation and removal for convenience without sacrificing safety
  • Can easily double as baby chair wherever you go, Clean and Comfortable
Using the car cushion:
  • Place the car cushion on the front passenger car seat
  • Sling the top securing belts over the top of the car seat
  • Adjust the length of the belts so the car cushion could sit on the car seat
  • Securely fasten the belts together at the back of the seat
  • Pass the waist safety belts around the car seat so the car cushion is now hugging the backrest of the car seat
  • Adjust the length of the waist safety belts so the car cushion is hugging the car seat tightly
  • Fasten the waist safety belts
  • Unclasp the buckles
  • Place baby on the cushion, facing forward and sitting on the cushion
  • Fasten the buckles
  • Adjust the length of the belts so the baby fits snugly on the cushion seat
  • Please make sure all the buckles are securely fastened every time.

Safety Precautions:

  • Please make sure the buckles are securely fastened all the time when the cushion is in use
  • Securing belts must be adjusted to provide the best fit to the car seat or chair to ensure safety
  • Do not use this product for babies who could not sit upright without adult help to avoid spinal injury. This product DOES NOT provide spinal support
  • Drive carefully and avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration when the baby is on board
  • Do not attempt to cut open the car cushion, it will result in damaging the cushion
  • Do not use the car cushion if the buckles are out of shape or do not fit securely