Bed Boost Mattress Support


Bed BoostTM is the sagging mattress support that provides individualized comfort for the ultimate sleep experience. Simply slide the Bed BoostTM inflatable air cushion between your mattress and box spring and use the pump to inflate. Bed BoostTM is completely 100% customizable for total body support so you can fully adjust to make your mattress like new again! Bed Boost is perfect for back, side or stomach sleepers. Get the comfortable supportive sleep experience you deserve. With Bed Boost, not only do you get rid of those imperfections but you also customize your bed so it's specially designed for you!


  • Sagging mattress fixed fast!
  • Bed Boost Sagging Mattress Support makes your bed like new and extends the life of your current mattress
  • Fully adjustable comfort and support. Relieves you from aches and discomfort from saggy mattresses. Enjoy more restful sleep and fewer back aches
  • The durable design is easy to inflate with the included hand pump. Sturdy construction allows Bed Boost to support up to 700 pounds without leaking
  • Won't slide. Stays in place