Big Vision Glasses


  • Big Vision magnifying glasses make everything larger and clearer using 160% magnification lenses.
  • Hands-free magnifying eyewear with absolutely no distortion make everyday tasks easier to do.
  • Easily wear over prescription glasses, contacts or even sunglasses.
  • No eye exam or prescription needed.
  • Flexible, lightweight, unisex frames.
  • Enlarge even the tiniest details by 160% with Big Vision, the hands-free magnifying eyewear that helps you see things bigger and clearer.
  • Wear Big Vision over your prescription glasses or contacts to make everything from threading needles to reading teeny tiny print easy.
  • Flexible and lightweight, Big Vision magnifying glasses let you see everything in high definition with no distortion. For women and men.
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Hard Case Specs Box
1 x Dustproof Soft Pouch
1 x Black Neck Cord Strap String
1 x Silicone Nose Pad
2 x Silicone Ear Pad Hook