Fridgeballs (Set of 3) Eliminate Odors


We want to eat healthily, but more often than not we fail to do so because we lack the time to pay frequent visits to the supermarket to obtain a regular supply of fresh food. Do you know that as days pass, our food produces Ethylene gas which accelerates the ripening of other fruits and vegetables? We end up having to clear a refrigerator full of food that is no longer fresh. But don’t give up on having a fresh and healthy diet just yet; Turn to the hassle-free solution today by using these Odour-Removing Fridgeballs! Not only will they help to keep your fruits fresh for 3 times longer than normal refrigeration, they also neutralize any form of odour that the food could produce! With these energy-saving fridgeballs made of natural minerals, what better way is there to enjoy a healthy diet?


  • Odour-Removing Fridgeballs
  • Made of all natural minerals
  • Absorbs ethylene gas (this gas accelerates ripening of fruits)
  • Neutralizes odour
  • Products stay fresh 3 times longer than normal refrigeration
  • Enjoy a fresh & healthy diet
  • Saves you trouble and energy of constantly clearing your fridge
  • Suitable for use for up to 3 months