• Riddex Pest Repelling Aid
  • Riddex Pest Repelling Aid
  • Riddex Pest Repelling Aid

Riddex Pest Repelling Aid



  • Safe for children and pets
  • Drives mice, roaches, rats, rodents & other household pests away
  • Innovative electromagnetic technology uses the wiring in your walls to keep your home pest free
  • No dangerous chemicals or traps needed
  • One plug-in unit covers an entire floor
  • Features a built-in night light, on/off switch & LED indicator
  • Takes 2-4 weeks to effectively work in home

You're enjoying a pleasant evening at home with your family and out of nowhere, a rat runs across the hall. Isn't that a terrible situation to imagine? But don't worry, with Riddex Pest Repeller, you can protect the peace and quiet of your home by removing the unwanted pests and insects. Riddex Pest Repeller includes a built in night light; on/off switch and LED indicator. How does it work? The Riddex Pest Repeller Unit actually changes the normal field around your wiring, creating an environment that aids in the control of pests.  It works without emitting any dangerous chemicals, fumes or odors.