[Skoother Skin] Calluses Removal



New and Effective, Micro-Abrasive Smoothing Screen quickly and gently smooths rough feet and callused skin
Flexible Smoothing Screen conforms to curved areas for more control for safe callus removal & smoothing
Easy to hold, ergonomic design is simple to use and leaves your feet & skin soft, smooth and beautiful
Compact, lightweight, easy to clean and easy to travel with. No batteries needed.

Gently Smooth Rough & Callused Skin
Skoother is the fast and effectiveway to gently smooth rough and callused skin on your feet, hands, elbows, and knees

Your skin will look younger and feel smoother with this simple, pain-free process!
*Results vary from person to person
Tough But Gentle On Sensitive Skin!
The Skoother Smoothing Screen is tough enough to take on dry, cracked calluses on hands & feet, yet gentle enough to smooth sensitive areas like elbows & knees. 

The flexible, waterproof smoothing screen also allows fine particles of exfoliated skin to easily pass through the mesh without clogging.